Dream Journal: Classroom Poo

It all started at home. My sister and her friend Ryan had asked me to take them to Mississippi, and naturally, I said yes. We WALKED through fields and forests. At one point I even had to fight off a wild mountain cat.

When we were about halfway through our journey, I got a text from Ryan’s mom. She was asking where we were and that’s when I decided it was the perfect time to ask Ryan if her mom told her it was OK. She said she didn’t ask.

I panicked and decided we had to go back before she realized we were missing. I told her that we would be out soon.

I stopped at the nearest city to try and hitch a ride. I ran up to this group of innocent pedestrians and asked them, “Who’s the nicest cop you know?!” One girl pointed to some scary looking guy and I looked her dead in the eye and said, “I SAID NICEST.” Then this other dude was like ah yes, that would be him. He directed me to some tall, skinny dude with a hat. Then I was like, “Take me back home.” He was so confused and taken aback by my rudeness. I’m not like that in real life so I guess I’m much cooler in my subconscious. I eventually convinced him and we were on our way!

I fell asleep during the ride and when I woke up it was a totally different dream so I don’t know if we made it back in time or what became of those two children. I was at school now. We were testing and nobody could leave the holding rooms. Since we were being held captive, Kat couldn’t go to the bathroom. I guess she pooped in the corner or something because she was at Mr. Coursey’s desk asking him what to do with it. He told her to leave it ON HIS DESK. Then I decided to join in. Now there’s not one, but TWO poops on his desk. Incredible.

That’s all, bye sons.

-Diana Padilla B)

Diana Padilla

das Leben ist kein Ponyhof.

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