Coping with brothers and sisters

Brothers and sisters are the people we are permanently stuck with without having any say in it. Sometimes, depending on the family, they can stick to you like gum making them really hard to cope with since not all the times will be breezy and smooth. I have a sister who I am close with who is five years younger than I am and I have a brother who is four years older than me who I don’t often speak with. My sister and my brother are very different people and although I am the middle child, I often feel as if I was the oldest. Over the years I have learned how to deal with them through all the times that we have had and have gotten an insight on how to deal with them during the times that are coming.

fight5One of the most important thing that I have learned with coping with my siblings is to keep them as close as possible as if they were friends that I choose to be around. All families are different and sometimes that may be impossible to do, but being their friend has made things at home so much easier for me. Brothers and sisters are the people who can help support you not only now but later on in the future. I have found that families are happier as adults when everyone is involved and no one is selected. Although they may be excruciatingly annoying at times, keeping the negativity concealed will help to keep peace within the family.

My younger sister and I have grown to build a bond that I don’t have with anyone else. I know that if I were to leave, it would really be hard on us. There are only two negative things that has come from this, the first one being that it makes it harder to accept that I will be going off to college in a couple of months and I am not quite sure how to be okay with only seeing her from time to time.  The second being how jealous she can get when I choose to spend time with my friends rather than to spend time with her. Where I am going with this is that it’s great to create bonds with siblings, but to make sure there is enough space to be comfortable with not always being together.

My relationship with my older brother is completly different than with my sister. Our conversations are usually numbered and not very time consuming and the only time we truly spend creating a bond is during diner or when we watch movies. It doesn’t mean our relationship is tainted or even bad for that matter, I have simply found that he is less chatty than my sister and that he is comfortable with silence. Siblings may each find different things comforting and the best way to cope with them in a positive way is to find the way that they are and what they like and to use that as a crutch to keep a good relationship.

I previously stated that I felt like the oldest and the reason for that is because my older brother is too old to be involved in our less serious family matters and my younger sister is too young to deal with them on her own. In a way, coping with brothers and sisters is a little similar to caring for yourself. Be kind enough to them to where peace is made and no one hates each other, but rough enough to where no one is being taken advantage of.

Coping with brothers and sisters isn’t always easy because families fight and nothing is perfect, but keeping a positive relationship with them helps keep the home a safe environment that everyone needs.

Esmeralda Reyes

Staff Writer, NMHS Blue Prints

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