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90’s movies tell you that your high school years are the best years of your life because you have no worries, you have tons of friends, and you can basically go out often and eat in cute diners all the time instead of doing homework and you’ll still pass. Let me tell you why that is all a bunch of scripted lies that will have you up at 1 am loathing reality while watching A-level results day_0the movie.

This is my fourth and  final year of high school and it hasn’t gotten any better for me. The only significant change throughout the years are the classes that I take, but sadly, they come with the same hair-pulling stress each year.

“Why don’t you just take easier classes, Esmeralda?”

Because I care about my GPA and want to remain in the Top 10%! Of course it’s unrealistic to expect advanced classes to  be easy. That’s why they’re advanced, I get it. However, one thing that I have noticed between my peers and myself is the fact that we become so easily overwhelmed with all the work that is given to us and what is expected. Maybe it has to do a bit with laziness mixed in with a lack of motivation, but we have to think back to where it all began. For some of us, advanced classes began in middle school while the other half of us entered into the pit during high school. Our experience, however, is all the same.

Many students have simply just given up. Not in a dramatic, gets straight Fs and doesn’t show up to class given up,but the kind of giving up where one feels overwhelmed and unsatisfied with their work and so feels unstatisfied with themselves and the idea of school and even worse, college. In many occasions, the student stays up studying for a test and only lands a B. Things like that are the reason so many people want to avoid the stress that comes along with advanced classes. This is becoming a true problem because it often leads to cheating. The student may have the mentality that something is just too hard and they will probably not get an ideal grade so they might as well cheat and get the easy A, rather than to end up with a grade that they’re not proud of.

How can students improve thier experiences and help their school year go by a little less crucial?

It certantly takes a lot of effort but the relief makes it worth it. Buying a planner and keeping up with all of the things school related and non school related will help organize appropriate time to get everything done it time. But actually  use the planner. Looking up study tips that can actually help keep studying on track and minimizing distractions is also a great way to get things done. One of my personal favorites is to leave a phone somewhere in the kitchen and turning it off then returning to my bedroom to finish my homework. Often times, my laziness does not allow me to leave my room again to get my phone so I always get around to my homework. Studying/ actively working on homework for 20-30 minutes straight also calls for a short 10 minute break in between. Listening to instumental musical (if background noice is needed) is better than listening to music with lyrics because the lyrics don’t become a distraction when one is supposed to be doing homework and not singing along.There is no Heroic Gallery with the id null.

Finally, plan ahead… espeially if you’re involved in sports, band, orchestra, have a job, ect. Many times things don’t get done because we didn’t time things correctly and so end up with very little time. Although laziness is truly consuming us, we have to keep in mind that this is the last semester of the school year and if we could just surive the waves of AP classes and homework we get to enjoy summer in a couple of months. As for seniors, as tough as it is to hear, we need to break these bad habbits before we go off to college this fall. Don’t give up on school and let’s get those passing grades our GPA will thank us for!

Esmeralda Reyes

Staff Writer, NMHS Blue Prints

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