Dream Journal: The Dragon Tale Tale

A few months ago, 2015.

Okay so I had this dream months ago, it has never left my mind because it was beyond weird. Have you ever seen a show that comes on PBS Kids called Dragon Tales? It use to be my favorite show as a kid. Before this dream I would’ve recommended this show to any child, but now I have to rethink my entire childhood. My dream started off normal, I was in a park walking around with my dog. Things started going left when my dog started walking on his two feet. All of a sudden he turned into Ord,(the blue dragon in Dragon Tales). Keep in mind Ord is really nice and gentle in the show. But not in my dream, Ord the dragon burst out blowing fire at everything and everyone in the park. I took off running as fast as I could screaming “Emmy! Max!” (The two kids in Dragon Tales). When they showed up I thought I was safe, but I thought wrong. Both Emmy and Max started chasing me on Weezie (another dragon) and Cassie. I must have hit my head or something because some how I ended up in the school with Quetzal (the elderly dragon teacher), and we were safe. So I recommend not allowing your children watch the show, unless you want them to have nightmares about it 10 years later.

-Derricka Shelly

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