The Importance Of Giving This Holiday Season

With Christmas coming up, I think it’s just as important to give to those who may be strangers the way we give to those we love. Money is short for a lot of people around this time of year, but don’t let that stop you. Something as simple as a warm blanket and a comfortable hat may be more than enough  for someone who would be content with anything that they receive.

About two months ago, I encountered an event that greatly influenced my way of thinking. I believe myself to be a personGiving-Heart who’s morals and respect are following the right path, but I don’t think I understood what it’s really like to do something for someone that was selfless and just plainly human until the night that I was on my way to North Mesquite High School’s rivalry game against Mesquite High. I was equally caught up in the hype of the game and was ready to show my school spirit along with many of my other peers. I was going to buy face paint and blue hairspray for the game that I was impatiently waiting on. I drove to the local store by my house to find all of the things I needed and saw a woman sitting down near the doors of the store, not asking for money, not bothering anyone, not doing anything to offend anyone or create guilt, but just simply sitting and resting. In this kind of situation I tend to look for any single bills that may be around my car or in my wallet and simply walk to them, smile, and leave it where they have other money collected from strangers. In this moment however, I was filled with an odd feeling that I still can’t explain that led me to carrying on a conversation with this woman.

After thanking me for giving her the money I collected from my car, she asked if I was hungry and offered me some of the almonds she was eating that someone else had bought for her. I was left in awe. Shortly after, I felt a raindrop fall on my hand and realized that it her little bundle of things, there wasn’t an umbrella. I told her that I would go into the store and come out very shortly and when I walked through the store’s doors,I had completely forgot about what I was originally there for in the first place. I found an umbrella and one of those christmas butter cookies that come in a sort of container and walked out to (thankfully) find that she was waiting. I handed her the umbrella and the cookies and saw a single tear fall out of her eye. All she kept doing was thanking me for doing a basic human act and I realized how important the little things really are. I gave her a hug and she said that I had no idea how much she needed that. After a while of talking to her, I knew that even though I couldn’t change her situation, that I had at least done something that made that day better for her.

Ever since this day, I determined myself to become more selfless. My mother finished knitting 30 warm beanies that we will be giving out to anyone we see who is in need of one. In this holiday season, I’d like for more people to open up their hearts and just give to those who can’t be surrounded by their loved ones. It may be stressful to know that no matter how much is given, one can’t really change their life, but one can give them hope in humanity.

Esmeralda Reyes

Staff Writer, NMHS Blue Prints

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