Dream Journal: Friendly Zombies?

Sometime ago, 2015.

I once had a dream that the United States was in a Apocalypse type scenario since there had been a nuclear war going, but I was at Mexico at the moment for no known reason. Then for some odd reason my parents decided it was a good reason to return to the U.S., I guess it was a good idea for them to return right after a nuclear war took place. Well we were back in Mesquite and everything was really messed up and destroyed, there was a zombie outbreak which I guessed was caused by the nuclear war. We found a group of people while attempting to fend off zombies, one of the people from the group told me to quit hitting them because the zombies were apparently nice people? After this took place I made zombie friends and I asked them various questions about how they felt, and they were very nice and kind maybe kinder than most humans. I woke up after this. It was a very vague dream, but it went from nightmare material to just some weird dream.

-Bryan Dominguez

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