Dream Journal: Death by Car or Death by Twig?

2139023482_3c2c2ec1e6_bDecember 6th, 2015.

Imagine a beautiful museum, with amazing lighting, that was the setting of my dream nightmare. There I was with a group of my friends, admiring the amazing paintings and artifacts the museum had to offer. After strolling around the museum this twig-like male human, he asks us if we wanted to see a secret section of the museum and of course we say “yes!” He lures us into a separate location that resembles very closely to one those one room apartments you get at NYC for $1000/a month. He then tells us all to take a seat except me and one of my friends while pulling out a knife. He tells me that I have the chance to leave but I will need to leave all my friends with him to die. I obviously say that I wont leave my friends because the guilt of that would be overwhelming. He says he understands and quickly turn around and stabs one of my friends right in front of me. Sadly I turned on my friends and told the twig-like man I’d leave (sorry to all my friends that were in my dream, I just didn’t want to die, it wasn’t my time yet). He then tells me that its too late to change my mind and whats done is done. Needless to say I ran out, and he (of course) chases me. I run for what feels like was a solid 30 minutes until I see a car up ahead and decide my fate. I decide that I would much rather die from a car running me over than a man stabbing me repeatedly. The car came closer and closer and it was lights out for me.

-Marlin Chevez


Marlin Chevez

I yam who i yam.

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