Dream Journal: The Tamale Man

December 7th, 2015.

Alright, so my dream was pretty movie-like. It started with an intro about this man who sells tamales. There was a testimony about a little boy who always wondered who he was. His mother always told him it was grandma who left tamales outside of the door, but he knew it wasn’t true. It was kind of ritualistic how people would go outside of their houses EVERY DAY, pick up the tamales and drop the money there. Then it transitions over to me in “my house” (it wasn’t my actual house, but it was in this dream). My mom went outside to get the tamales as usual, but somehow I felt like today would be different. My mom took the tamales but she didn’t leave the money. That was her greatest mistake. Instantly this black helicopter appeared and someone grabbed my mom and at the same time I felt this pain in my back. I turned around and saw none other than the tamale man. He didn’t stab me though, he just pinched my REALLY hard. So hard that even my mom felt it. Anyway, I wrestled with him and dramatically asked him “Why are you doing this?!” I expected a detailed response about how he was abused as a child and held a grudge against all of humanity, but all he said was “You didn’t pay for my tamales.”

That was the reason for him bringing a helicopter and capturing my mother. He just wanted to teach us a lesson.

Then I was like, “ARE YOU SERIOUS? THAT’S WHY?” Everything just paused when I said that. Then, he attempted to kidnap me. I escaped and got into this conveniently placed car. Let me explain this little taxi thing. The business this car belonged to was designed to help kids get away from anything they didn’t want to deal with at the time. It was pretty sketchy, but I was out of options. I got in and somewhere down the road the creepy driver transformed into a Pennsatucky from Orange Is The New Black. She was my new savior. We went stargazing? Ok look, all week I have been looking at the night sky in hopes of seeing a shooting star so I guess that incorporated itself into my dream realm. We did happen to see a shooting star and it was great. But then, they found me. I texted a friend for help as they carried me away. Lucky for them, my friend ignored the text! I guess I just died after that. I woke up so who knows how the dream-me is doing.


-Diana Padilla


Diana Padilla

das Leben ist kein Ponyhof.

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