Land of Twins


Cândido Godói, better known as “Terra dos Gêmeos” translated to Land of Twins. A magical place that is heavily populated with, you guessed it, twins.

Located in southern Brazil, Terra dos Gêmeos is populated by 6,641. The rate of twin births in Cândido Godói is 10% significantly higher than the overall 1.8% rate for the state of Rio Grande do Sul. This rate is unusual, it exceeds the highest observed twinning rate. One study showed that that nearly half of the twins were monozygotic, identical, twins.

One explanation for this phenomenon is of the infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, who had conducted twin studied in Germany. An Argentine historian Jorge Camarasa has suggested that Mengele has conducted experiments on women in the area, which could explain the high ratio of twins. It is said that when Mengele arrived in Brazil the ratio of twin slowly increased.

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