Are suspensions necessary ?


Suspensions as punishment in texas schools have been in the news a lot lately, But does suspension work as a punishment?

Students don’t always learn from their mistakes. The bad behaved students that get suspended may really enjoy being at home for a few days instead of school. So not only will they enjoy it but their bad behavior will increase so they can get suspended again  and again so they can go home. If they eliminate suspensions, it’ll also increase the students bad behavior, knowing they won’t have to face any consequences.

“Suspending students is not effective” said Yerba Buena Principal Tom Huynh.  ” Instead of sending students home on a mini-vacation, YB requires detention.” I think more school detentions would be more effective because they are boring and you are not at the comfort of your own home. I think there should be more consequences after the detention, like failing grades or loss of credits. Something more effective than just sending them home or anything that will make them realize that their behavior in school needs to change.

Also the consequences should be limited to what they do, depending on their actions, the consequences should be dealt with differently. ” The major reasons offered by principals for such suspensions are fighting, students use of profanity, disrespect toward school staff, and violation of zero tolerance policies. Reasons like these should have higher consequences. Students who do such things like fighting should get high cost tickets and those who use profanity should low cost tickets. Teachers and sro’s have the power to do this, maybe students will change their behavior. Maybe things like these will lower the suspension rate and students will behave better in school.

kevin torres

Staff Cartoonist, NMHS Blue Prints

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