It’s a History Class in Every Class

imagesSchool textbooks often teach students about a specific subject. The only time the government is mentioned is when the textbook is about history. However, in Venezuela, all textbooks talk about the government. This situation has left parents outraged because they believe the government is using the textbooks as propaganda.

Hugo Chavez, the President, turned Venezuela into a socialist society and created textbooks to praise his actions. Math problems “calculate how much  farm production has gone up thanks to the government’s take over of land.” It is unnecessary to include that in a math problem, but to Chavez it is important for children to know his accomplishments.

Books are changing the country’s history and replacing it with what the government wants them to know. Parents say that “the books are brainwashing children…and spread propaganda supporting [the government’s] controversial programs.” Chavez does not care if people agree with his socialist society because at the end of the day they do not have the power to change anything.

Another issue with the government’s actions is that Chavez is so focused on including his success that there errors with the actual information. One book “defines a square as a shape with four sides. But that could also be a rectangle or a rhombus.” Not only only are children being “brainwashed”, they are also not being given the proper information to learn each subject. In other words, instead of learning the material they are going to school to learn about the government.

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