Cellphone + Road = Death

imageEver been so distracted by your cellphone you just forget where you’re at or what you’re doing?

Everyday more and more people are getting hurt on streets because they are too distracted on their cellphones to look at where they are walking, some even resulting death.

“Pedestrian injuries caused by cellphone use are up by 35% since 2010″ according to Federal Emergency Room Data reviewed by Stateline.

Many cities are trying to make streets more secure for the community by lowering the speed limits on streets used most by walkers.

“New York City has new speed limits — 20 miles per hour (mph) in Centeral Park and 20 mph in the rest of the city unless other wise posted. New York state has lowered speed limits in NYC in part to make traffic less dangerous for distracted walkers. The city has also been blocking off more streets to make safer pedestrian plazas.”

Though other states have taken another approach to the situation by handing out fines to distracted walkers.

“To reduce the number of injuries and deaths associated with distracted walking, Utah and New Jersey have experimented with fines for texting in dangerous walking situations.”

Whats even worse than distracted walkers? Distracted walkers with distracted drivers.

“Distracted driving is also causing more pedestrian deaths, researchers say, because a driver and a walker each staring at their cellphone can be a dangerous combination.”


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