Alternative Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Got a date this upcoming Saturday but not sure where to go? I’ve got you covered! (Even if you’re single and don’t have anything to do, don’t sit at home all night! Grab a friend and make your way to these places.)1-Byn-EYDd17NkxqQCwp7_pw

Valentine’s day may be a bit awkward, especially if you’re anything like me. Movies? No, thanks. Going out to eat? (Yikes, I’m a vegetarian and you want to go to a BBQ place!) So here it goes…

1. The Dallas Zoo 

If you and your date dont know where to go ut you find out they’re absolutely wonderful because they love animals like you do… take them to the Dallas Zoo!  The admission price is only $5 all through February and what better way to spend Valentine’s day than looking at cute animals with your lover!

2. Restaurant neither of you have gone to.. (NO CHEATING!)

sI know I said something about not wanting to go to a restaurant because of the fear that there won’t be anything you like to eat… but if you do end up walking into a restaurant that serves food that neither of you like, then you can both me miserable together!

3. The Dallas Arboretum 

Want to look at something almost as beautiful as your date? Why not take a walk through the Dallas Arboretum and take a look at all of the beautiful flowers while shyly holding your date’s hand? You can even get a bit more creative and bring your own blanket and sandwiches shaped in hearts and have a picnic.

4. Watch “Ghost”, the musical! 

Ghost is a romantic show located in the Musical Hall at the Fair Park. (Especially if simply going to the movies just didn’t seem good enough.)

5. Disney Movie Maraton

Maybe you and your date prefer staying in on Valentine’s day, why not have a Disney movie marathon? Raging from the classic movies to the newest Disney movies, everyone loves a good movie marathon! So bring on your blankets and snuggle up and prepare for a magical night along with magic, princesses, evil witches, and talking animals!

6. Bake Together

Again, this is definitely a good choice for those looking to stay in. Why not have the house smelling like a bakery and bake cookies and brownies with your sweetie. Then you can eat them! It’s definitely a win, win!

Esmeralda Reyes

Staff Writer, NMHS Blue Prints

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