This year in Marvel

Over the past several years superhero movies have been dominating the box office and there is no sign of it stopping anytime soon. Both Marvel and DC have films lined up until 2020, and every geek and nerd is stoked beyond belief. In this year alone Marvel is releasing 3 films. All are based off of the comics we know and love, and of course, will set a new bar for movie ticket sales. It is sure to be a very powerful year for Marvel, as usual.marvel-phase-3

1st to be released is the second installment of The Avengers titled Age of Ultron. The film will follow the Avengers in their battle against Ultron, a machine built to better humans, but of course robots with a mind of their own never go as planned. The movie is set to it screens May 1st.

The next superhero is unknown to the film world, but he is sure to hit big time in a tiny way. Ant Man will make his début July 17th and being that it is the characters first installment, we will get to learn how actor Paul Rudd got so pint sized.

The last hero film of the year will be The Fantastic Four. Even though the group has been seen in theaters as recent at 2007, Marvel felt the characters should receive an even better portrayal. With the new cast we are sure to have an action packed summer. The Fantastic Four upgrade will be released August 7th.

As an added bonus to the “nerd” films being released this year, Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be unleashed. With its huge fandom, this might just be the film that breaks the box in 2015. The well-awaited film is set to play in cinemas December 18th.

All movies are set to screen on their given dates at your local theater.


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