Is “VR” Going to a Whole New Level?

JT3A1884-Version-2-980x653 (1)On December 8, 2014, Oculus announced that the Gear VR Innovator Edition is now available. The Gear VR Innovator is meant to be placed around your head with the bulky part over your eyes. This device then transfers images from your phone, laptop, etc onto the screen that is in fron of your eyes, drowning you in a 360 degree experience.

Just when we thought this was the zenith of the gaming technology industry, a new innovation is on its way.

The Glyph Headset is the next big thing. With its slimmer design and the fact that it shoots DLP images directly into your eyeballs it is destined to sellout as soon as it hits the online shelves.

Even though is will not hit the shelves until late 2015 preorders are now available. the price is currently at $500 and after mid-January it will rise to $600.

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