Doctor Who Review: First and Second Doctor

“Our destiny is in the stars, so let’s go and search for it.”

tardisDoctor Who began in 1963 before it was abruptly cancelled in 1989. These twenty-six seasons  are called Classic  Doctor Who, after the revival in 2005. Most fans do not bother with Classic Who, but I decided to check it out before starting the new series. Surprisingly it is not bad, maybe a little cheesy.

The First Doctor is just a stubborn grandfather at the beginning of the show, but gradually he grows warmer to the his various companions. ‘Companions’ are the people that travel with the doctor in his space-and-time defying police box. His first companions were his granddaughter Susan and her teachers, Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton. Susan leaves the show soon, Vicki replaces her. Barbara and Ian leave and are replace by Steven and so on. Overall, the First Doctor had about ten companions (debatable). Only a few of them have any lasting presence, but none are horribly annoying.

The First Doctor stories are separated by two themes ‘time’ and ‘space.’ The first story being about cavemen and all is interesting, but kind of meh. It is the next story that tends to stick out, because it features the Doctor’s infamous enemy, the Daleks. Personally I do not really care for the Dalek stories, and would rather watch the history stories. In “The Tenth Planet,” the First Doctor regenerates into the Second Doctor.

Compared to the First, the Second Doctor is the complete opposite. No matter how much I liked the First Doctor, the Second is refreshing. I read somewhere that he is described as a ‘cosmic hobo,’ which makes perfect sense after watching him. The Second Doctor continues travelling with Ben and Polly (two of my favorite First Doctor companions). Later in “The Highlanders,” one of my all-time favorite companions, Jamie McCrimmon is introduced. The other two companions of the Second Doctor, I only vaguely remember.

The Second Doctor’s stories are progressively better than the First. However, there are way to many Cybermen stories. Despite this the other stories were pretty good and not all were ridiculous. The ending, “The War Games” has to be one of the stories in Doctor Who history.

I enjoyed watching the First and Second Doctors, even though their episodes were in black-and-white and ninety-seven episodes are missing (all of them are available in audio though). The Third Doctor I think will prove to be more interesting to me. Hopefully, he will not have too many Dalek or Cybermen stories.

Macy Granger

Staff Writer, NMHS Blue Prints

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