Jon’s Movie Review: Big Hero 6

big-hero-6-movie-sharedIf you’re looking for a really good animated movie this month, then this is the movie to watch.

Big Hero six starts off at a really vibrant city of Sanfransokyo where the protagonist; Hiro, lives at.

The story is pretty well plotted and it develops in a good pace as time goes on.

The main robot we focus on throughout the movie is named Baymax, he is supposed to care the injured when needed. Baymax is a really loveable robot to have.

The villain in the movie has a really emotional backstory that you can tell why all of this bad stuff is happening.

The team that is formed throughout the movie has really good chemistry and I liked to see that in movies like this.

It would be a nice time to go see it now, especially during this holiday season.

Overall it’s a really good family movie to watch and it has no disappointments what so ever, sure it has some unwanted moments but that doesn’t mean you cant enjoy the package as a whole.

Big Hero 6 is a good 9.5/10.

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