Underage Drinking: Curiosity Killed the Cat

f-teenboozebrainThey say curiosity killed the cat, but its also killing underage drinkers. Though many students are pressured into trying alcohol by their friends most of them saying yes because everyone else is doing the same thing, many students have tried alcohol voluntarily. Despite some people saying, “A little alcohol won’t hurt anyone.” There’s still the major risk of he or she becoming addicted.

More and more students are drinking alcohol not knowing the effects of it.

Alcohol consumption can affect a student’s school performance. It has been reported that about two-thirds of students with mostly A’s in school are non-drinkers, while at least half of students with D’s and F’s have reported drinking. Students that are drinking alcohol by the seventh grade are more likely to have academic issues and delinquent behavior in both middle school and high school. According to the 2008 Monitoring the Future Study, 39% of students in the eighth grade, 58% of students in tenth grade, and 72% of students in twelfth grade say they have tried alcohol.

The CDC did a survey on high school students over the period of 30 days. 39% of students said they drank some alcohol, 22% said they binge drank, 8% said they drove after drinking alcohol, and 24% said they rode with a driver who had been drinking alcohol.

Not only is there just the effect of possibly getting into a car accident but they could also get serious and major health problems if they continue drinking alcohol. Researchers have found out that alcohol consumption are linked to more than 60 diseases especially if the person drinking it is a minor. Heavy drinking can cause Anemia, which causes the amount of red blood cells to decrease dangerously low. Alcohol can even lead to an increase of cancer.

Though some students don’t know one of the leading causes of car accidents in the U.S. is caused by drinking. Not only are they putting other peoples lives in danger but they are also putting their own life in danger by getting behind the wheel while being intoxicated.

This has been brought up to many people; parents should make it their responsibility to tell their children about all of the dangers and risks of drinking alcohol. After the parents do their part of informing their child, it is all up to them to see if they want to participate in a life-threating act.

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