Suicide: the eighth leading cause of death in the U.S.

A very large majority of teens these day have tried or even thought of committing suicide bestop-suicide-signcause of  various reasons. Most everyone goes through periods of sadness, anxiety, and despair. People who kill them selves usually feel hopeless and like it’s the only solution, that’s not true there are many other people have experienced this your not alone.

According to the National Institute Of Mental Health Science, studies show that most people who take their life have a diagnosable mental or substance abuse disorder and the majority of these people have more than one disorder. Suicide is the eighth leading cause of death overall in the U.S., and the third leading cause of death in young people ages 15-24. Most people find teen suicide the most tragic because it’s a life lost before it has even started.

In 1996 more teens died because of suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, storkes , pneumonia, and influenza and chronic lung disease combined. The amount of suicide tripled between 1965 and 1987.

The signs of suicide include: Extreme personality changes, loss of intrest in things that used used to be fun, significant loss or gain in appetite, trouble falling asleep, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, neglect of personal hygiene, friends, and family, aggressive, destructive, or defiant behavior.

Things that could push someone to commit are, major disappointment, rejection, failure, loss, family problems, bullying, depression. The only ways to help someone is to stress the willingness to listen to their problems, pay attention to what they do, Eighty percent of people who commit suicide give some sign that they were going to. If they are already to the point where one thing could set them off to kill their selves then they need professional help.

People who commit usually do so when they seem to be getting better. Never assume someone is okay or that everything is perfect and going great because one smile can hide a lot of pain.

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