NMHS Film Review of the Week: National Lampoons Vacation

Have you ever been on a family trip where everything went wrong; car broke down, the hotel was disgusting, lost aunt Edna? Well, the Griswold’s did in the classic 1983 National Lampoons Vacation.

Starring original SNL cast member Chevy Chase, this hilarious film features a family of 4 and their horrible travels across the US to Walley World, “Americas favorite family Fun Park.”national_lampoons_vacation_movie_poster_1020548254

This film is the perfect comedy to watch when you’re down. The ridiculous situations the Griswold’s are thrown into will remind you that things really aren’t that bad, and of course, you’ll laugh your butt off. Like many other John Hughes films (The Breakfast Club, Home Alone) National Lampoons Vacation is truly a classic that needs to be seen by everyone.

Nation Lampoons Vacation is available at your local DVD distributer.

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