Is Your Job at Risk?

Recently there have been a lot of comments made about how ObamaCare will be causing unemployment. However, this may not be completely true.

obamacarejobsatriskLarger firms are required to provide insurance for their employees starting next year – 2015. In order to avoid paying for health coverage, some firms will be cutting back employee hours to part-time. Not all large firms are doing this though. Wal-Mart for example, has moved many of its workers to a full-time job.

As for smaller firms, many will be able to hire more people because they can provide better benefits at a cheaper rate. ObamaCare itself also funds the creation of thousands of new jobs in Government and healthcare sectors.

In conclusion, even though some large corporations will cut employees hours, there will be some corporations allowing workers to take longer shifts. This balances out which means unemployment rates won’t be increasing drastically. New jobs in healthcare are also an advantage because more jobs means unemployment rates may actually begin to decrease. The fact that smaller corporations will be able to hire more people is also a benefit. Overall, ObamaCare does affect job growth, hiring, wages and consumer costs. However, the impact of ObamaCare on jobs isn’t as drastic as many people seem to believe.

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