Hunt or be Hunted: The Walking Dead is Back

The Walking Dead returned last Sunday with its fifth season opener being one of the most action packed yet. Things got intense. Fast.

The premier, entitled “No Sanctuary”, had everything we had been waiting for when we were left with a cliffhanger last season; explosions, escapes, and of course, walkers. Rick Grimes and our favoritWalking_Dead_Season_5_Postere group of survivors are doing pretty good for a first episode. Alas, we all know things always take a turn for the worse with unpredictable circumstances on The Walking Dead. But, this is why we love it.

Our favorite zombie show will continue on with 15 more episodes this season and carry over to an already confirmed season 6 next year. And, as always, every episode is followed by The Talking Dead, an incite to TWD, hosted by Chris Hardwick.

The Walking Dead comes on every Sunday night at 9:00 on AMC.

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