Technology = Success

Our society revolves around technology and social media whether we approve of it or not. The majority of parents consider these advances a distraction to their children’s’ success, but are they? In reality, these advances have become an important tool to be successful.normal_nyrn_single

The hot topic recently has been a famous YouTuber named Bethany Mota. The young lady started creating YouTube videos a while back of random things she liked. Little did she know that her videos would obtain so many viewers across the world. As her videos became more professional like, she no longer was any YouTuber.

Aeropostable saw Bethany Motas’ interest in fashion and decided they would host her clothing line. That opportunity allowed for many others like it to rise. She soon after started traveling the world meeting her fans and giving more of her, but her road didn’t stop there.

Recently, she joined “Dancing with the Stars” which she is concurring well to have never danced before and to add a cherry on top- she released her first single TODAY!

Her success was accomplished through the use of technology proving that technological advancements are having a positive effect on our generation.

Here’s a link if you’d like to listen to her single:


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