Ebola in Texas

This recent Ebola outbreak is the largest one in history. As of September 23, 2014, the total cases of the virus in Africa is: 6,574. Out of those, 3,091 people have died from it.

Ebola can enter any living organism through the mouth, eyes, nose, or any kind of open things on the body. Also through any cuts. It is NOT a virus like the flu. You cannot get Ebola from the air that you breathe. The only way ebola gets transferred is through body fluids. It can spread through vomit, blood, or diarreah. Studies show that washing your hands is a really good way to prevent getting it.

Victims of Ebola start showing symptoms after the minimum of 8 days. The longest know period of symptoms is 21 days. After that long, the infection will not start in your body. The virus has to build up in your body in order to give it to someone else. Really early in the virus, its not likely for it to spread.

Thomas Eric Duncan is the first patient to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States. He left Liberia on September 19, 2014 and arrived in the United States to visit family members on the 20th, showing no symptoms at this time. He only came in contact with “a handful of people” says doctors at Presbytarian Hospital. On the 24th, Duncan first started showing symptoms, he said he felt sick so he went to the hospital and the doctors didn’t suspect Ebola, so they sent him home.

His next visit was on the 28th, he was escorted there by ambulance this time. Immediately he was put in an isolated room by his self. On the 30th, the test results came back as positive for ebola. The Dallas mayor made the EMS members who drove the patient to the hospital, get a check up just to be safe. Also anyone who might’ve been in contact with Duncan will be watched for 21 days to see if they ever start showing any symptoms.

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