NMHS Film Review of the Week: The Boxtrolls

If you plan on going to the movies, and have no idea what you would like to watch, see The Boxtrolls!

The stop-motion film follows a boy named “Eggs” and his struggles to save his box-wearing troll family from the “Red hats”, a group of villains who plan to rid the town of said trolls in order to receive white hats. Not only do boxtrolls_posteryou follow this amazing adventure, but the one of Eggs origin and how he became one to the trolls. This, is something not to be missed.

A lot of work goes into production of a stop-motion film and it shows in The Boxtrolls. The picture is cute, heartwarming, funny, and perfect for the whole family, even if it is intended for kids!

The boxtrolls is currently in local movie theaters.

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