Postpartum depression of mother linked to increased risk of atopic dermatitis of the child

A link between the mother’s depression during the postpartum period and an increased risk of atopic dermatitis in her son during childhood and adolescence was discovered by a team of researchers led by Jonathan Silverberg, professor of dermatology at George Washington University. The scientific study, published in Dermatitis, considers atopic dermatitis, a chronic inflammatory skin […]

Post-therapy antidepressant sexual dysfunction: a scientist calls for greater recognition of the condition

In a study published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, a psychiatrist specializing in sexual dysfunction, David Healy, calls for recognition of post-antidepressant sexual dysfunction, i.e. those sexual problems that can arise after treatment for depression. According to Healy, in fact, problems of a sexual nature can begin even after a few […]